Monday, April 12, 2010

Rick's morning with the girls

I tried to convince Rick to write an entry about his morning watching the girls but he couldn't find time between working, teaching a graduate class at DePaul and training for various triathlons and another marathon. So...I'm going to try to summarize it...

Rick took a day off last week and I ran errands in the morning. We went over the schedule in the morning:
  • Ella had a playdate and that mom was dropping her off
  • lunch
  • pick up another girl we carpool to gymnastics then 45min of hanging out at the rec center while all the girls all had gymnastics
I checked in with Rick in the morning to see how things were going with Katie and Ceci:

Rick: We're at the library. Going to take the girls to McDonalds for lunch. Going great.

me: Do you want to pick up Ella at the playdate? Then you can just head to lunch instead of waiting for the mom to bring her home.

Rick: Yeah, that would be better. Hold on...what...UGH! Katie just peed in her pants!

me: At the library??? On the floor??? WHAT IS GOING ON???

Rick: Gotta go...

So, I called the mom and told her that Rick would pick her up at 11:15. I figured he'd bring Katie home and clean her up and go hoping there wasn't a pool of pee on the carpet in the newly redone children's section. from Rick checking in...

me: did you get Ella ok?

Rick: NO! I thought Susan was dropping her off.

me: You said you were going to get her instead.

Rick: That all changed when Katie peed at the library.

Quick call to the playdate to apologize for not picking up Ella and the mom dropped her off.

I checked in with Rick to see how gymnastics was going. Figured this would be some downtime for him.

me: How's it going?

Rick: Well...I kind of lost Jenna

(this is the name of the older sister of Caroline who is the girl he actually picked up)

me: Caroline? What do you mean "lost"?

Rick: I thought they all ran into the gym. A little while later a woman walked up from the front desk with Caroline in tears. I looked up when I heard the crying and said, "Uh, she goes with me. Sorry." I didn't look like dad of the year at that point.

me: Were you playing with your new iPad and not paying attention to the girls?

Rick: Kind of...

Caroline had gotten confused. Didn't know where to go and walked all the way to the front desk which is down TWO hallways and around a corner.

I made my second call to a mom in two hours apologizing for our lack of organization and explained what happened so she wouldn't panic when Caroline returned and told her that Mr Patterson lost her. She said she knew he was having a rough morning when he picked up Caroline and asked if she knew where he was going. He said that "his wife" hadn't left directions. When he said "his wife" instead of "Sarah" she said she knew he wasn't having a good morning and was making it my fault for not being there. Which of course was the case. :)