Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Concert

Sophia had her Spring Concert at school last week. We all went and I was sure they would have the Kindergarteners go first but someone decided it was a good idea to have them go at the end. All the younger siblings were getting restless and Katie and Ceci were leading the charge. A couple times Katie looked at me and said "I'll be right back" and just started walking down the center aisle by herself. I made a lot of trips up and back with her. Rick finally took them outside and they came back in to see Sophia.

Here they are on the back deck before we left:

Here are the Kindergarteners on stage. I was worried when I saw their "instruments" but no one tried using them as a light sabers and they all did a great job:

It was a beautiful night so we walked. We were regretting this decision on the walk home. Rick had to push the stroller with Katie and Ceci crying the entire 5 blocks. I stayed with Ella waiting for the show to finish but Rick bolted with the twins who were in full meltdown mode.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Halloween in May

Last night we were at the St. Joseph pasta dinner and cake walk. The girls wanted to skip dinner and just do the cake walk part.

Ceci was sitting next to me when all of a sudden her eyes looked like they were going to bug out of her head. She yelled "MAMA!" and pointed behind me. I slowly turned around wondering what she was so excited about and saw a table of nuns sitting next to us eating rotini. When I turned around to ask what she was looking at she yelled "WITCHES!"

It was hard not to chuckle. I guess it was obvious who the Protestants were.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Scared Straight

The Wilmette Police Department held an open house last Sunday. We had planned to go after church then Rick had to leave for three days for work (same trip he made last week I might add). I wasn't going to try to take all four by myself but my sister Elizabeth came over with Anna and we decided to go ahead with the plan. It's about six blocks away so I put Katie and Ceci in the stroller and the big girls walked. The stroller was impossible to push and we realized halfway there that one wheel was completely flat. I was sweating (not shocking) after pushing 60 lbs of two year olds with a flat tire and we decided to abandon the stroller and forge ahead instead of turning around. I figured Elizabeth and I could each hold a twin hand. This was somewhat successful.

The police station tour was fun for the girls. Here are some pictures:

Outside of the jail:

As I was taking this photo inside a jail cell Elizabeth started yelling "NO!!! KATIE!!!" as if she was holding a vial of the swine flu virus to her lips. Katie was lying down on the bed with her head on the jail blanket. I thought it was cute and was snapping pictures while her horrified aunt was yelling to sit up and get out. The officer said "We did sanitize everything" but I realized this was a situation where I should not have been so encouraging. I'm sure she thought Elizabeth was their mom and I just went with it to be safe.

Here are Katie and Ceci inside the police car. Hopefully we won't repeat this photo in 15 years:

And here they are on the Coast Guard jet ski:

The officer in the jail asked them to look around for a comfy pillow, warm blanket or Wii game. They all looked and couldn't find any of those. She let them know that in jail you have no privacy and none of the comforts of home. Last week Sophia had some poopy issues and said to me that she was "DEFINITELY" glad she wasn't in jail because there is "ZERO privacy in jail". I realized that that visit really had hit home for her. Now when she sticks her hand out of the car window I tell her we both might get arrested if a police officer sees us and she pulls it right back into the car. I'm sure that threat of getting arrested is going to work well for me going forward.

Thanks Wilmette PD!

Singing in the Rain

We had a couple days of rain. We're short a pair of rain boots so I suggested snow boots for Ceci and she was fine with that. It was about 70 degrees outside so I'm sure her feet were sweating but she was just happy to be wearing boots.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pushing buttons

Katie and Ceci were being loud at bedtime and I went in to tell them to keep it down and go to sleep. Then I stood outside the door to see if they would really keep quiet.

Ceci: Katie BAD!

Katie: No! I'm GOOD! No Bad.

Ceci: Katie BAD.

Silence for a minute while Katie's thinking of a better comeback.

Katie: I'm a big girl. No bad. I wear underpants and pee pee on potty.

Silence while Ceci is taking this in knowing that she is still in diapers and the best she can come up with is...


They are already figuring out each others' buttons and pushing them. I can't wait for the teenage years. :)