Friday, March 19, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had a traditional Irish breakfast for St. Patrick's Day:

Lucky Charms!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I got an email from Sophia's teacher yesterday:

Hi Sarah,
Can you tell me a little about Sophia's glasses? Is she supposed to wear them all of the time, including lunch, recess and P.E.? One day she thought perhaps not, but today she said she was supposed to wear them all of the time.

Hmmmmm...this was interesting because Sophia has perfect vision and does not wear glasses. I quickly realized that she was wearing a pair of glasses I got her for their career day today for which she was assigned the role of librarian. When I spoke with her teacher she said that Sophia had come in from recess wearing glasses for the first time and said "Mrs Murray, the other kids were making fun of me because of my glasses!" She was milking the glasses for all they were worth.

I'm not sure how Sophia was going to eventually stop wearing the glasses and explain to her classmates that her vision was miraculously restored. She has the best first grade teacher in the world, Mrs Murray, who was quite concerned when I told her Sophia was in trouble for lying. She said "Sophia is the sweetest, kindest girl. It was more deception and not so much lying. Please don't punish her." She talked me out of telling Sophia she can't go to Ryan's bowling party on Saturday.

Sophia is such an awesome girl full of sweetness and fun.

Here she is in her librarian outfit and her new glasses. You can see why Mrs Murray thought they might be a bit "severe" for a seven year old's daily glasses when Sophia informed her she had to wear them all the time.