Friday, August 22, 2008

Lunch with Kit

We took Sohpia and Ella to the American Girl store for lunch yesterday. I was worried after our last trip. We took Sophia when she was three and she had a spectacular meltdown in bitty baby land. One of those episodes where other parents were looking at me like I had no control over my child...which I didn't. I just lamely smiled at the staring shoppers saying "she's really tired". I learned from that experience and we did the shopping part before lunch. Sophia and Ella were perfect. I was worried about a reenactment of the Bernstein Bears get the "Gimmies", but they were great. Each picked out one outfit and were happy to change their dolls at lunch. After lunch which included a plate of cookies, cake and chocolate mousse I escorted my tired girls pumped full of sugar straight for the exit.

Sophia brought her American Girl doll Kit:
I was concerned when I saw the state of Ella's bitty twin doll. I worried that the American Girl doll quality control squad may ask us to leave. She was wearing a saggy size 5 diaper which Ella refused to take off "in case she pees on her dress Mom!". Ella made shoes out of stickers for her and her dress was actually a "Today's Girl" dress. My mom resorted to buying Sophia a Today's Girl doll complete with a wardrobe two years ago when I told her that Sophia was too young for a real American girl doll.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ceci has a beautiful natural smile:

But when she realizes you're taking a picture she gets this manical look in her eye and says "CHEESE!" It's a very aggressive smile. We're going to have to help her tone it down if she ever hopes to make it to America's Next Top Model. Tyra is not going to think her signature pose is as cute as we do.


We drove up to Lakeside for a weekend at the beach with my parents and the Bergmann cousins. The girls had a blast. Sophia and Joe spent a lot of time in the water playing in the waves while the younger girls stuck mostly to the sand although they loved standing with their feet in the water.

I'm going to post a bunch of pictures because it was hard for me to edit.

Ceci and Katie were excited to have an endless supply of sandy water. Rick was less thrilled to make a thousand trips back and forth from the lake carrying full buckets of water.

Rick was so inspired by watching the swimming at the Olympics that he cut his hair just like Michael Phelps.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Whenever we change a poopy diaper on Katie she says "Eeeewwww" with the proper grossed out intonation. I think she thinks that's another word for poop. I know she learned this from Rick because each time he changes a stinky diaper he says "Eeewww" in the same tone of voice.

I am handling the evenings solo for the next couple nights while Rick is out of town and last night got a bit hectic after Katie and Ceci's bath. Katie was running around the guest room diaperless while I was changing Ceci and from the corner I hear her little voice say "Eeewww". My stomach dropped. I finished diapering Ceci and ran over to see that yes, she left a little nugget for me on the carpet which they both thought was hysterical. Me, not so much.

Here are a couple recent pictures of Ceci and Katie at better moments:

Sophia was calling them "fat babies" at the pool in these suits. The flotation suits sounded like a good idea in concept, but they just kept pulling at these suits saying "Off, off". Ceci is wearing Sophia's crocs (on the wrong feet).

Friday, August 8, 2008

Last Day of Camp

Friday was Sophia's last day of camp and parents were invited to come watch the swim portion. Sophia has gotten so good at swimming this summer and did a great job in the pool today.

We went to Homers for ice cream and grilled cheese after camp and had a great morning together. She is growing up to be such a thoughtful and fun girl. I love spending time with her. At one point she looked at me between bites of rainbow sherbert and said:

"I really love today mom."

"Me too Soph."

It reminded me of how important it is to spend one on one time with our girls. Life is so chaotic and it was amazing to slow down and connect with Sophia. I am so proud of the little person she is becoming.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


me: "Sophia, Ella, it is very important for you to stay strapped into your car seats."

Ella: "Yes mom. Because if we crash then our car will be smushed and Super Reader will have to rescue us"

me: "You mean Superman? Superfriends?"

Ella: "No mom, Super READER!"

me: "How exactly will Super Reader help us? Jimmy open the door with her library card?"

Sophia: "With her imagination of course!"

I don't know who Super Reader is, but I like her a whole lot better than Hannah Montana.

The Zoo, part deux

After our last trip to the zoo I wasn't sure we'd return before Katie and Ceci turn ten, but we did venture back last weekend. We went with friends and it was a more relaxed outing (at least for us). Having two additional adults along, even with their kids, seems to help things go more smoothly. We saw the dreaded slow train to nowhere pass by and Sophia said "that train takes a VERY LONG time."

The highlights for the girls were...

Sitting on a Coca Cola polar bear:
We never actually saw the real polar bears. This fiberglass one was way more fun. Here is Sophia with her friends Teagan and Tyce. I realized after they got off that there was a large sign under the bear that said "Do not climb on the bear". Not the first rule the Pattersons have unintentionally broken.
Chasing geese:
I don't think these were actually part of the zoo animal family, but were the only animals not behind a barrier which was fun for all (except the geese I guess):

I thought this picture of Ella holding Ceci's hand was so sweet:

And then I saw the next one where she left her in the dust...

Here is Ella trying to climb over the fence to pet the elephants: