Friday, August 22, 2008

Lunch with Kit

We took Sohpia and Ella to the American Girl store for lunch yesterday. I was worried after our last trip. We took Sophia when she was three and she had a spectacular meltdown in bitty baby land. One of those episodes where other parents were looking at me like I had no control over my child...which I didn't. I just lamely smiled at the staring shoppers saying "she's really tired". I learned from that experience and we did the shopping part before lunch. Sophia and Ella were perfect. I was worried about a reenactment of the Bernstein Bears get the "Gimmies", but they were great. Each picked out one outfit and were happy to change their dolls at lunch. After lunch which included a plate of cookies, cake and chocolate mousse I escorted my tired girls pumped full of sugar straight for the exit.

Sophia brought her American Girl doll Kit:
I was concerned when I saw the state of Ella's bitty twin doll. I worried that the American Girl doll quality control squad may ask us to leave. She was wearing a saggy size 5 diaper which Ella refused to take off "in case she pees on her dress Mom!". Ella made shoes out of stickers for her and her dress was actually a "Today's Girl" dress. My mom resorted to buying Sophia a Today's Girl doll complete with a wardrobe two years ago when I told her that Sophia was too young for a real American girl doll.

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