Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Zoo, part deux

After our last trip to the zoo I wasn't sure we'd return before Katie and Ceci turn ten, but we did venture back last weekend. We went with friends and it was a more relaxed outing (at least for us). Having two additional adults along, even with their kids, seems to help things go more smoothly. We saw the dreaded slow train to nowhere pass by and Sophia said "that train takes a VERY LONG time."

The highlights for the girls were...

Sitting on a Coca Cola polar bear:
We never actually saw the real polar bears. This fiberglass one was way more fun. Here is Sophia with her friends Teagan and Tyce. I realized after they got off that there was a large sign under the bear that said "Do not climb on the bear". Not the first rule the Pattersons have unintentionally broken.
Chasing geese:
I don't think these were actually part of the zoo animal family, but were the only animals not behind a barrier which was fun for all (except the geese I guess):

I thought this picture of Ella holding Ceci's hand was so sweet:

And then I saw the next one where she left her in the dust...

Here is Ella trying to climb over the fence to pet the elephants:

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