Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Whenever we change a poopy diaper on Katie she says "Eeeewwww" with the proper grossed out intonation. I think she thinks that's another word for poop. I know she learned this from Rick because each time he changes a stinky diaper he says "Eeewww" in the same tone of voice.

I am handling the evenings solo for the next couple nights while Rick is out of town and last night got a bit hectic after Katie and Ceci's bath. Katie was running around the guest room diaperless while I was changing Ceci and from the corner I hear her little voice say "Eeewww". My stomach dropped. I finished diapering Ceci and ran over to see that yes, she left a little nugget for me on the carpet which they both thought was hysterical. Me, not so much.

Here are a couple recent pictures of Ceci and Katie at better moments:

Sophia was calling them "fat babies" at the pool in these suits. The flotation suits sounded like a good idea in concept, but they just kept pulling at these suits saying "Off, off". Ceci is wearing Sophia's crocs (on the wrong feet).

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