Monday, May 25, 2009

Spring Concert

Sophia had her Spring Concert at school last week. We all went and I was sure they would have the Kindergarteners go first but someone decided it was a good idea to have them go at the end. All the younger siblings were getting restless and Katie and Ceci were leading the charge. A couple times Katie looked at me and said "I'll be right back" and just started walking down the center aisle by herself. I made a lot of trips up and back with her. Rick finally took them outside and they came back in to see Sophia.

Here they are on the back deck before we left:

Here are the Kindergarteners on stage. I was worried when I saw their "instruments" but no one tried using them as a light sabers and they all did a great job:

It was a beautiful night so we walked. We were regretting this decision on the walk home. Rick had to push the stroller with Katie and Ceci crying the entire 5 blocks. I stayed with Ella waiting for the show to finish but Rick bolted with the twins who were in full meltdown mode.

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