Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ella

Ella Bella turned four last week. She was so cute when she realized that she didn't have to wait for her party to turn four but that when she woke up on her birthday morning she was going to be four years old. She kept telling everyone on June 12 that "tomorrow when I wake up I'll be FOUR! Not at my party but when I WAKE UP in the morning!"

Ella is our little ray of sunshine. She has a quick smile for everyone. She's a great big sister and so sweet with Katie and Ceci. She has been my little buddy this Spring when we got to hang out together in the afternoon. While Sophia was at school and Katie and Ceci were napping Ella and I would play the Memory Game, Uno, Bingo, puzzles, etc. She loves to play games.

Almost every day she'll look up at me at some point and just say "I love you mom." It melts my heart.

She's a little speed demon on her bike. Still got the training wheels on but rides for miles (literally, ask Rick who has dragged Sophia and Ella all over town on their bikes).

Ella has a great sense of humor. There's a twinkle in her eye and she's quick to laugh and make light of a situation.

We love you SO much Ella!

Happy Birthday Ella Bella Cinderella!

Here are some pictures from her gymnastics party:

Then we brought the cake home for a family party:

The Bergmanns got her a light up Cinderella dress:

And a box of dress up shoes that Katie and Ceci promptly put on with their pjs:

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