Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We had an All-American weekend at our friends the Dold's lake house in Michigan. It was a weekend filled with friends and family. For the kids is was all about swimming, fishing, watersports, sparklers and s'mores.

Everyone caught their first fish:

Sophia was very excited
Until she realized the fish was still alive and it started flopping around
Here's Ella's whopper:

Ceci even got in on the action:

Life is good

Rick took the girls out on the jet ski:
Sophia went tubing and on the wake board:
Rick went waterskiing:
Well...he wasn't technically "waterskiing" since he didn't actually stand up on the skis but he did get pulled behind the boat a number of times. I think you can see his skis sticking out of the water on this one. The other shots were just a big splash.

S'mores were definitely a highlight:

The kids decorated the pontoon boat for the boat parade:

Katie was meticulously wrapping the streamers
Sophia and Harper made a lego flag:
Here are a couple more photos from the weekend:

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Uncle Tim said...

I know this is a bit late but I see the picture of Rick on the jet ski with the girls...he has "that" grin on his face and they look terrified. Was he tormenting my nieces again? :-D