Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ella's on two wheels

We took off Ella's training wheels. She is a little speed demon on her two wheeler. The walk to school to pick up Sophia had gotten pretty painful. For Ella, because her bike kept tipping over and for me following with 60 lbs of twins in the stroller stopping and starting and picking up Ella each time her bike toppled. I told her she needed to learn to ride without the training wheels in order to keep riding to school and she was excited. It only took about an hour for her to be comfortable without the training wheels.

Now the challenge is keeping up with her on the way to school. I have to run with the stroller so now we're both getting a workout. She loves riding her bike and rides with Rick when he runs.

She's so proud of being able to ride her bike. When we're talking to an adult she'll whisper in my ear "does she know I can ride a two wheeler?" and then I'll tell her to let them know.

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