Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gym time

Entering the gym locker room with Ceci and Katie feels like walking through a minefield. All the naked women of various shapes and sizes is too much for them to ignore. They have not mastered the "no eye contact" walk down the aisle and aren't afraid to stare and point as we make our way to the row closest to the pool entrance.

Yesterday after swim class Katie pointed at a large woman changing next to us and said:

"She has BIG underpants!"

I looked over and she did indeed have large underpants on. I just said: "Yes, she is wearing underpants. We all wear underpants."

Katie: "No mom. I said she has BIG UNDERPANTS!"

Ceci looks over now: "Those are BIG WHITE underpants!"

Now the whole row is snorting trying not make eye contact with the big white underpants or anyone else because we'll all lose it.

No more damage control can be done at this point. I just give the smile and shoulder shrug I've done many times.

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