Monday, May 10, 2010


We have two new additions to the family. Ricky and Rosie the hamsters. Don't worry, we weren't thinking clearly but weren't crazy enough to buy a girl and boy hamster, just let the girls name them whatever they wanted. Now Rick is not as outnumbered in the house. The pet conversation began when Ella found a pet in the backyard. Lanie the ladybug lived in a Panera cup for about 5 days which was 4 longer than I thought she'd last. Ella gave her fresh grass everyday. Each morning she'd come down to check on Lanie and I'd have the speech prepared that Lanie was in ladybug heaven and Ella would smile and say "she's still alive and walking around". When we went to the pet store Ella was looking for ladybug food and treats. We were surprised to not find a little wheel or yogurt drops made for ladybugs.

First we looked at the guinea pigs. When the petsmart lady told us they live 7yrs we quickly changed our search to a rodent with a shorter lifespan. The girls saw the bin of crickets and thought those would be fun pets until I broke the news to them that those were food for pets and not actual pets.

So...we settled on two stinky hamsters. I made it very clear that I was not supporting this decision and that I would not clean the habitat or play with the hamsters. I actually said, making sure I had a witness and the petsmart lady was present, that I wanted to officially go on the record as being against the purchase of these little furballs. Rick was enthusiastic and said he would do it all.

Here is one of our babies in their ball which is the only way we let them out of the cage.

The girls are definitely not ready to handle them without a hard plastic barrier. One day I looked down and Katie was walking around carrying a hamster ball under each arm like she was on her way to the playground for a game of kickball. She did place them on the ground gently however after my heart stopped.

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