Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Memorial Day

We had a busy Memorial Day weekend with three barbecues and a parade.

The highlight was marching in the very large parade in Arlington Heights with the Dold for Congress group. Sophia got to sit in the classic car with Harper Dold and practice her Miss America wave. I asked her if people were waving back:

Sophia "No, mostly just throwing stuff at us."

me "Like candy?"

Sophia "No, like garbage"

They were probably reacting to Katie who was at the front of our pack cruising on her scooter coming within an inch of the crowd sitting on the sidewalk. She may be following in her father's footsteps as an expert in crowd control. She had this grimace on her face while buzzing the spectators. I was cracking up watching the expressions and hearing the comments from her victims while yelling at Katie to slow down. I got lots of bad mom looks during the two mile parade route. Cecilia slept in the stroller through the entire parade. This was a role reversal since Katie is the one who usually sleeps through events.

Here is Katie's patented scowl. She was probably bitter at the lack of candy which was rightfully deemed not appropriate to toss in a parade honoring fallen soldiers. I'm sure there will be plenty at the 4th of July.

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