Friday, November 12, 2010


My rule every year is that they pose for a photo before they are allowed to start the candy dash. I get the frozen smiles for the first one until I tell them that I need real smiles in order for them to go out with their friends.
Here is the better shot after they realized they weren't going anywhere until mom got her Halloween picture.
Katie and Ceci's costumes may look familiar because they wore the same ones last year. They really wanted to be Tinkerbell and Ariel again and the costumes fit! Here they are in 2009:
I love this one of Ella because it captures Ceci sprinting in the background.
This is actually a great candid by Rick because it captures how crowded the sidewalk is with kids and their entourages with coolers in their wagons.
Ceci was keeping up with the big girls and could barely stop for a photo.
Katie was having a harder time running with her fish tail. She kept tripping over her tail and had a difficult time running with it so tight around her legs.

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