Monday, December 29, 2008

"Wow, FOUR girls?"

I just got back from Costco with the girls and have figured out how I'm going to pay for four weddings. I 'm going to tell every stranger who says "Wow, FOUR girls! Start saving for those weddings!" to fork over a nickle. In twenty years I'll have more than enough to pay for four princess dream weddings.

Any suggestions with witty responses? Please post in the Comments! I know everyone means well, but it's getting old. I also need a reply for "your poor husband". That one really gets to me especially when the girls are standing right there. Rick LOVES having four girls and I'm sick of telling everyone how much their dad loves his girls and how blessed we are to have these four unique beautiful children.

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Stephanie said...

Tell them (with a straight face) that the 2nd wife has 4 boys so the "score" is even. ;) Hopefully it will encourage them not to make stupid comments about having FOUR girls! I know this will be difficult with the girls around but... shocking them with this sort of comment might hinder them from opening their mouth to some they don't even know! ;)