Thursday, January 1, 2009


Legoland was our second visit to an amusement park in California and this time we brought Katie and Ceci.  We learned pretty quickly that there is not a lot of flexibility at Legoland.  In fact, we observed that on the spectrum of amusement park regulation it is the exact opposite of Kiddieland where anything goes.  We all had fun but because they wouldn't let even Sophia ride most rides without an adult we had to skip a lot of the more fun attractions.  At a couple rides the operators felt sorry for our kids who looked heartbroken when we got to the front and they were turned away.  A worker would volunteer to go on with one of the girls but that still left Sophia waiting for us since we needed four adults for the kids to all ride.  We kept trying to play dumb and get them on the rides but they'd measure each girl and there was zero flexibility.

Here is the one ride they could all go on and had a blast:

Ella had to be four to ride this one and I was surprised they didn't ask me to see her birth certificate.  Rick was on a ride with Sophia and Katie, Ceci and I watched Ella while the girls yelled "Horsey! Ella! Horsey! Ella!" and "MY turn next!" 

Here is evidence that we in fact brought Ceci and Katie:

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