Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I'm finally posting some Christmas photos.  

Here's the gang on the stairs waiting to go down and if Santa made it to our house this year. Katie and Ceci were jumping around excited but just because Ella and Sophia were. They really didn't get it that Santa was bringing gifts.

Sophia got Samantha the American Girl doll which was at the top of her list.  The marketing geniuses at Mattel "retired" her right before Christmas so my mom had to find her on ebay since the estimated delivery date for Samantha is now May.

All Ella wanted was Dora roller skates and she almost broke her neck but she was happy:

Katie and Ceci were most excited about the candy in their stockings:

Here are our four little rudolphs:


Anonymous said...

Your daughters are adorable and I love reading your funny stories sort of how other people like watching Jon and Kate plus 8.

I work with Rick at Sidley and he turned me on to your blog so I am now a regular. Also definitely think your weddings fund idea is great!

Camille Gitter

Sarah said...

Thanks Camille!

I don't know if people are reading and wish we had more comments. I think it will be fun for the girls to read someday.