Monday, January 5, 2009

Seeing Eye Mom

When I'm alone in public with all four girls I'm starting to think I should wear a sign that says "Mom at work please do not engage" similar to the ones you see on seeing eye dogs "at work".  

At the mall yesterday Rick was going to the bathroom and I had all four free ranging. Twins not in the stroller in an open place at naptime is a recipe for disaster.

A very nice young couple started asking questions about how much help I have..."um, my husband", THE weddings, etc.  All of a sudden the woman looked over my shoulder and said.  "We should let you go..." and they strolled away with their one toddler shaking their heads.

I turned to see Ceci yelling "POTTY!  POTTY! POTTY!" with her pants around her ankles dangerously close to the wishing well while her big sisters were laughing and egging her on. 

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