Friday, April 17, 2009


Despite our efforts to emphasize the real meaning of Easter and Jesus' sacrifice on the cross for us, Easter this year was all about eggs and candy for the younger girls. Sophia had a better understanding of why Easter is important and it seemed to sink in more for her this year.

One day in the car she said to me out of the blue:

"Mom, I really hope Mimi (her great-grandmother) rises from the dead. I'd really love to see her again."

me: That was only Jesus.

Sophia: But God can do anything. He can raise Mimi too.

me: Yes, God can do miracles but I don't think you'll see Mimi until you're in heaven.

Sophia: OK, but I really do miss her.

It was pretty sweet.

Here are some pictures:

Dying eggs:

Easter morning, Katie and Ceci discovered peeps:


Katie just stuck her face into the box:

See Katie behind Sophia devouring a Peep after I showed her how to take them out of the box. Also notice Sophia's overflowing basket. She was the only one to actually hunt for eggs. Ella went after them a little half-heartedly while Katie and Ceci were just happy to have a basket with marshmallows coated in sugar:

Ella wasn't afraid of the purple chicks either:

Couple more from the morning:

Then we got dressed for church:

And dinner at grandma and grandpas and more candy:

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