Friday, April 3, 2009

Princess Dance

Ella started Princess ballet class at the park district yesterday. I am glad to have gymnastics over and ballet class went really well. Ella loved it and Katie and Ceci were great while we waited.

The grown-ups could stay for the first five minutes and I was so relieved that Katie and Ceci didn't run out on the floor. They watched and then wanted to each give Ella a kiss when we left. There is a big break room with a tv and little tables. We ate animals crackers and made the sounds of all the animals while watching Clifford.

Here is Katie watching Ella:
I was feeling so good about how our morning was going that I decided we'd go right to the dance store to get some ballet shoes for Ella. I had totally forgotten that she would need them and she wore Sophia's old ones which were too small.

I had a friend in business school who used to grab me and say we were going home whenever we were in the middle of a fun night. Her theory was to always leave when you're having fun because the night will only go downhill. I need to start practicing this now. Kind of like quit while you're ahead. Instead I decided to push forward with our morning when we probably should have just gone home.

There was one salesperson and a couple girls ahead of us who had to buy shoes which was a bit nerve-wracking for me since we were in a store chock full of pretty leotards and tutus right at their eye level. The girls were good though. They kept picking up different items and saying "Soooo cute!" and then putting them back. There was a set of 3yr old twins in front of us with both a mom and nanny who were having a difficult time with them. Lots of whining and sass which made me feel even better about my well behaved brood.

Then as Ella was trying on shoes I smelled fresh poop. Not the end of the world until I looked over at what I assumed was Ceci next to me with a poopy diaper to instead see Katie who said "I pooped in my underwear". The salesperson looked horrified so I quickly replied "you mean your diaper sweetie" and asked the salesperson hopefully if they had a restroom we could use. Luckily it was something I could clean up in the bathroom and stuffed her underwear into my purse.

From now on I'm not going to push my luck when a morning is going well.

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