Friday, March 27, 2009

Hoping for Spring

We had a beautiful day yesterday.  In the sixties and sunny so I'm posting a couple pictures of Ella, Katie and Ceci playing outside.  

They've all got facepaint on from our morning at the Children's museum.  We left when Katie and Ceci started poking and knocking on the glass of the baby chick display yelling "CHEEP! CHEEP!"  I think the volunteer was as terrified as the chicks.  Unfortunately they couldn't read the "don't tap on the glass" sign and I did my best to get us all out of there quickly but when Ceci goes boneless it's a challenge.  This is when I usually break a sweat.  I'm going to just start wearing t-shirts when we're out regardless of the weather because I'm always sweating when I've got them in public in an open area.    

Here's a picture I took last week of Sophia and Ella on their way to church.  Sophia is wearing a dress handed down from her cousin Emily.  What is so cool is that Emily is now in her twenties! Sophia has been dying to wear the dresses from Emily in the back of the closet.  I thought they were all bigger but she came down in this on Sunday and looked beautiful. 

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