Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Twin bonding

Katie and Ceci are able to communicate with each other and play together more as they are getting older. It's fun to watch the interaction and I'm seeing the twin bond that everyone talks about who is a twin or has twins.

They are really sweet together. I took this last week in the basement. Katie said to Ceci "Ceci tired? Lie down on my lap" and Ceci hopped on the couch and put her head on Katie's lap while Katie rubbed her back. It was a very tender moment between them. I wanted to record it so they could see how their friendship began. I hope that as they get older and fight over jeans, boys and the car that they'll always return to this special bond.

Today after Katie went potty Ceci's face lit up and she said "Yeah Katie! Good job! Hug! Kiss!" and gave Katie a big hug and kiss. They are definitely each other's cheerleaders.

Then Ceci threw herself on the floor and started crying hysterically when she didn't also get an m&m. She wasn't upset enough though to actually sit on the potty even though her tantrum wasted 10x the energy it would have taken to just sit on the potty.

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