Saturday, March 14, 2009

Gymnastics part 2

OK, if next week weren't the last week of gymnastics I am positive they would ask us not to return. We went from instructors asking where is the mom to everyone knowing Katie and Ceci's names because I'm always yelling..."Katie wait for us!" "Ceci, leave the baby alone!". There are easily 100 children most of whom are part of 3 (Ella), 4 and 5yr old classes with teachers. We don't even have an instructor since we're mom and tots and just roam around but they now all know us.

Periodically I hear people yell "Katie" or "Ceci" when they are running from me. Katie is FAST. She has this roadrunner sprint where her upper body is still but her legs move like they've got a motor. At one point I was dragging Ceci out of this big donut shaped pad that she had dove head first into the middle of when I heard multiple adults yell "Katie! No! GET DOWN!" I turned and Katie was perched on top of a platform surrounded by tension wires over the big foam pit. I put Ceci under my arm like a sack of potatoes and sprinted to grab smiling Katie who was having a ball. I wanted to say, I'm very sorry, we're out of here, I realize this class does not work for my girls but resisted since they LOVE it and Ella has to go to her class.

What almost makes it worse is that there is another set of twin girls in this class and they seem to stick together very nicely while their mom talks to other moms about summer camp and the Bachelor. I can't take my eyes off my girls for a second and am in perpetual motion. Last week a couple people noted that I get the biggest workout there chasing and carrying the girls. I guess that's the bright side.

I think we'll go to McDonalds to celebrate our last gymnastics class next week. Too bad they don't serve wine there because I'll be ready for a glass.

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