Sunday, March 8, 2009


I am not looking forward to potty training Katie and Ceci. I really wanted to do them at the same time but Katie is really ready while Ceci won't even sit on the potty. I think if I told her the real Barbie was going to come bring her a dreamhouse if she'd go pee-pee on the potty she still would say "NO potty Ceci."

Katie on the other hand is becoming a pro with no help from me. I've started putting her on the potty, but until this week was actually telling her to go in her diaper when she said "Mama potty". I was waiting for a sign from Ceci that I'm now realizing may not be until her 4th birthday.

So, I bought some princess underwear for Katie and she's been doing a great job. One roadbump yesterday though. I was giving Ella and Ceci a bath and Katie walked into the bathroom bringing with her the distinct smell of fresh poop. She looked up at me with her big eyes and said:

"Mama, I poo-pooed on Ariel."

It was so sweet. Who thought cleaning poop out of underwear would make me smile.

Ceci did get new underwear too. We went to lunch at Subway yesterday after our trip to Target and she would not let go of her little plastic bag of Hello Kitty underwear. After I ordered our sandwiches I turned around and saw her three pairs of underwear scattered on the floor next to the chip display while she was holding two bags on Doritos yelling "My chips! MY chips!"

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