Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Bead

We hit a milestone Tuesday. First trip to the emergency room for a foreign object inserted into a nostril.

We were parked in the driveway after school pickup and Ceci started crying LOUDLY. I asked Sophia what was wrong.

"Ceci put a bead in her nose but don't worry because I'm getting it out."

I turn around to see Sophia's finger in Ceci's nose.

"OOps...I can't see it anymore."

She stuck it in deeper and I couldn't see it when I looked so we headed to the hospital. I called our pediatrican who said we really needed to go to the ER because they didn't have the tools in their office.

So all five of us spent 2 hours sitting in a crowded emergency room without any toys, crayons or anything to occupy the girls. They were surprisingly good. The people watching was exceptional and the tv was tuned to the WB which was showing something that was totally inappropriate for the girls to be watching which meant they were transfixed by it. I just sat there counting the minutes until Rick got home from work to pick up Sophia, Ella and Katie.

We finally got called back to a room which meant even better people watching as this was where the really sick people were and a couple crazies accompanied by police escorts. The nurses kept telling Sophia and Ella to stick their heads back into our room.

Finally a practitioner came to see us. Apparently the method for extracting a bead that works "95% of the time" did not work for us. Ceci had picked a clover shaped bead to lodge into her nose that we could not blow out. Finally the ER doctor came and used long tweezers to pull it out.

While this was happening the nurse asked Sophia to be a big girl and watch her sisters outside the door. She didn't realize that Sophia turns into Joan Crawford when you put her in charge. We all started laughing when she said to Katie "Get back into that chair or...I'll shove a bead into your nose!"

By this time it's 5:50 and Rick gets home at 5:05. I figured he'd be here at 5:25 at the latest. I left my phone in the car and since he couldn't get in touch with me he decided to clean the basement. REALLY!?!?! CLEAN THE BASEMENT??? He knew I had had all four girls at the hospital since 3:30 when I called him on the way in a panic. I was freaking out worried that Ceci would suck the bead into her throat and choke which the woman who checked us in smugly assured me is not possible. I guess that's something I should have learned in 8th grade biology. Rick decided after a HALF HOUR hanging out at home that maybe he should head over to the hospital to see how we're doing. When he didn't come immediately I had this vision of him going for a run and was rehearsing the major meltdown I was going to have when I saw him in his workout clothes "cooling down".

Here is Ceci posing with the bead:

That's Katie standing next to her about to hit me in the head with a giant level. Don't ask.

The upside is that the girls were so traumatized by our stint at the hosptial that I don't think anyone will stick anything in their noses.

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