Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MIchigan part two

We had an amazing week on the beach with all the cousins together.

Here they all are eating dinner on the porch:
Lots of beach time:The seagull patrol was in full effect:
Our friends the van Heukelums came over for a beach cookout. More s'mores and Ella got to spend time with her future husband (I'm not kidding) Luke. They were practicing their poses for the engagement photo:
Here's one of Rick's candids of the group:and a couple more from the evening:
Sophia and her bff Maddy:We attempted to take a Christmas card photo on the front deck that was less than successful:
We spent a morning at Captain Mike's go-carts/miniature golf/arcade. They had something for everyone. This was our first time golfing and I was pleased that no one got a putter in the face. Katie kept yelling "I WIN! I WIN!" every time she got the ball in the hole.
Captain Mike is in the back super-sanitizing those balls after each use, right?
Sophia and Ella drove the junior go-carts:
And Katie and Ceci seemed to get over not being old enough when they saw the big plastic horse that rocks:

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