Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Collection

At the Wilmette library they have various collections of residents displayed. Most of these collections reside in the homes of residents over the age of 75. Lots of hummels, salt and pepper shakers, etc. Ella was determined to display the girls' extensive Silly Bandz "collection". They pestered Rick to ask about how to get a display case. He asked at the front desk assuming they would dismiss the girls with a smile.

Rick: How do collections get displayed?

Librarian: I can put you on a list and we'll call when a case opens up.

Rick: Ummmm, it's a collection of SILLY BANDZ...

Librarian: Just write your name here and we'll call.

Rick: The collection belongs to my girls here....RUBBER BRACELETS....

Librarian: OK, write your name and number.

So, he did. That night every time the phone rang Ella would jump. "Was it the LIBRARY?????"

Then, two months later we got THE call. They were ready for our collection of 67 silly bandz. This trend is already passe among the kindergarten set but the girls were beyond thrilled to exhibit their collection. They dug out all the silly bandz they could find from under couch cushions and proudly headed to the library.

Sophia and Ella made a beautiful sign to accompany their prized collection and Rick took them down to organize the elaborate display and decide how to arrange the rubber bracelets. I'm sure that once word gets out they will be selling tickets for this collection. They may have to live without their bracelets for a while because I have a strong suspicion that this collection will be in heavy demand to go on loan to libraries around the world.

Here is the iphone picture Rick took of the proud collectors in front of their display case:

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Amy said...

This is hilarious! Love that you wrote out the dialogue btwn Rick and the librarian and have a pic to document! :)