Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Katie and Cecilia

Katie and Cecilia turned four last month and I can't believe it has been four years since I had two sweet little babies. That may be my mom selective memory kicking in but I don't remember them giving me any problems. This year they have grown up a lot and we are really seeing their little personalities emerging.

Katie is a sweetheart. She's the first one up each morning and comes right into our room and puts her little hand on my back or face to wake me up. She's always smiling and loves to laugh. She gives everyone hugs. She gave our real estate agent a big hug last night for putting flowers in her room and said "I can't believe you put flowers in my room!"

Cecilia is a ham. Her sense of humor is coming out and she loves to make people laugh. She's also quick to give someone a hug when then look sad. Kids are drawn to her and she has made lots of friends at school this year.

Watching the bond they have and seeing them interact is fascinating to everyone around them. They don't let each other get away with anything and will correct each other when they don't agree with how their sister is retelling a story. They make me smile everyday.

They both love playing soccer. I signed the girls up for soccer at the park district and they are definitely the stars of their coed class. While the other girls are giggling in a group, Ceci and Katie are kicking the ball and celebrating each goal. They give their coach a hug on the way in and say "I love you Coach Abe". A usually stern Abe looks at me and says he can't believe how cute they are. Their soccer nickname has become the Turkey Twins.

Here are some photos from our family party:

I got a generic birthday cake from Jewel and we all decorated it with a variety of left over cake characters. I think we had Barbie, Dora, a couple Care Bears and a random Sesame Street marching band member. Katie and Ceci thought it was a blast to decorate their own cake.

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