Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Rick called it my greatest parenting move ever...

Grandma and Papa Patterson are in town from California and we thought it would be fun to take everyone out to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner. Sometimes when we go out for dinner things go swimmingly, but this was NOT one of those evenings. We tend to remember that one time we went out for dinner and everyone was perfect and forget the other ninety-nine times when it was a disaster. Rick and I like to think we can repeat that one meal when everything was aligned and we actually enjoyed going out to eat.

As soon as we walked into Lalo's I knew this would not be that elusive meal. From the minute Ceci and Katie sat down in their highchairs they were both whining/squirming/crying non-stop. As we were trying to get them to quiet down Ella dumped a full glass of apple juice on the floor. Rick had that look on his face that said he was about to run out of the restaurant and return home just in time for Katie and Ceci's high school graduation.

This is when I spotted the bowl full of lollipops at the hostess stand. And, Voila....two happy (and QUIET) one year olds.

One minute earlier both girls were crying and refusing to sit still. Rick kept saying, "that was the BEST parenting move EVER".

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