Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Road Trip

Sophia, Ella and I drove to Detroit to meet our new cousin and nephew Henry and celebrate his baptism. It was just like Thelma and Louise. Except the total opposite. We watched the first season of Little House on the Prairie and did a potty tour of the McDonalds bathrooms along I-94.

As we were packing up the car Ella dragged out her hello Kitty suitcase and insisted we put it in the back. When we arrived at the hotel she rolled it into the room and proceeded to bring it EVERYWHERE. People kept asking her if her dolls or toys were in it. Nope, her soccer ball. That was it. Here we are on the way to the bathroom at brunch. She refused to leave it at the table.
Henry is adorable and was a trooper with all his cousins hugging and poking him.

Sophia and Ella looked cute at the baptism:

There was a lovely dinner following the afternoon ceremony where they brought out a beautiful cake for dessert. As soon as I saw all the kids gathered around it I instructed Sophia and Ella NOT to touch the cake. I could see their little fingers itching to take a swipe at it. I didn't see it happen, but heard a number of people at my table say "Did she just LICK the cake?" My stomach turned and while there were a number of little girls there I knew exactly WHO had just licked the cake.

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