Thursday, October 16, 2008

After Dinner Fun

Most nights there is about a 30 minute window when some sort of trouble is gotten into while Rick and I are cleaning the kitchen after dinner.

Tuesday night while I was changing Ceci she did her patented double twist move and was on the couch peeing in about 5 seconds.

Last night Katie and Ceci took off their clothes and pushed the chairs from the family room into the living room and pulled them up to the coffee table. They were each holding onto a chair chanting "push, push, push..."

I was laughing at Ceci in Ella's bike helmet. I think that came from the garage. She was determined to get up onto the chair while holding both Cookie and Monkey.
They were very proud of themselves and I think were trying to show me that we can in fact actually use the living room. Since no one sets foot in there they were testing it out. In between this picture and the previous one Katie ripped the helmet off Ceci's head and Monkey from her hand while they both screamed "SHARE!!!!" at the top of their lungs.

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