Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Sophia:  Mom, how long is lent?  A year?

me:  No, it starts tomorrow until Easter.  Some people give up something that is important to them.  How about if you give up Gigi?

(Gigi is the stuffed giraffe Sophia has snuggled at night since she was a baby.  It would be like giving up air for her. )

Sophia:  Ummmmm....how about my fake American Girl doll that I really don't like since I have a real American Girl doll now.  

(said "fake" doll has ball point pen colored all over her forehead)

me:  That's not how it works.  It should be something that you'd miss.

Sophia:  OK, how about picture frames.

me:  huh?

Sophia:  How about the dvds on the top shelf, but not the rest?  

me:  Try again.

Sophia: OK, chocolate.  Well....maybe just Hershey's kisses.

This was the final decision although I don't think she's had a Hershey's kiss since Christmas.  It's a start.

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