Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July

We had an action packed All-American weekend. Barbequing, parades, fireworks...we did it all.

The highlight for Sophia and Ella was the Evanston parade. There were over 130 floats/bands/marching politicians, but the BIG disappointment was no candy. This is all the girls look forward to at parades. The Wilmette Memorial Day parade is chock full of girl and boy scout troops tossing candy. Actually, that's all the Wilmette parade is plus a couple fire trucks and the "Just say No to drugs" PT Cruiser police car.

We did get some microwave popcorn and bubbles, but only one group handed out lollipops and I'm guessing that those were forbidden since they were the only ones. My girls are candy crazy and I was surprised at how quickly they recovered when they realized no candy was going to be distributed.

Halloween 2005 is when I realized Sophia had a sugar addiction. I love this picture. She is crying because her candy bag is toooo heavy and she needs me to hold some candy because she needs to get MORE.

In Rick's new effort to document that I was actually around when the girls were little even though there are no pictures of mom, here are a couple shots he took. My only guess is that he wants the girls to remember how much they hated me putting on sunblock everytime we left the house.

Here are a couple more pictures from the weekend:

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