Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Phone Etiquette and Camp Photo

Sophia answered the phone last night for the first time. I was doing dishes downstairs and Rick was in the basement. I heard the phone ring and thought Rick answered it. A couple of minutes later Sophia came down holding the phone on speaker and said "Mom, it sounds like grandma, but it's not grandma". It was a very nice lady from AmVets who said "It's not grandma. I'm calling to see if you have anything to donate." I can only imagine the conversation they had before she came downstairs. I guess it's time to go through phone etiquette with Sophia. I can't believe how fast she's growing up.

Here's Sophia's camp group picture. She is in the center of the back row.

Sophia and Ella are both really enjoying camp. Ella is making some great art projects and Sophia is learning how to swim. They both took tennis lessons last week in the afternoons and Ella loved it although I don't think she ever actually made contact with the ball. Every day she'd come back very excited and say "Mommy, I'm SO good. I ALMOST hit the ball!"

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