Thursday, July 3, 2008

Joe's Birthday

Last Saturday we celebrated Joe's 6th birthday. It was a fun party despite driving rain and hail (yes, it hailed...welcome to summer in Chicago). Luckily the awesome entertainment was an indoor presentation. I'll post photos of that at the end. It was truly amazing.

Ceci and Katie looked adorable in the outfits my parents brought back from India. Sophia said a couple times "They don't look anything like Indians mom." We'll have to get out the globe and explain the difference between Native Americans and India.

Before we went to Elizabeth's house I asked Rick to please take some pictures of me with the girls. I have realized that we have almost no photos of me with the kids. are the beautiful memories he captured:

No clue what I'm doing here. Maybe checking out my sweet tan while my daughter is trying to eat a balloon on the floor?

I can't believe I'm posting this picture of my rear, but couldn't not post the amazing action shot of me jumping to retrieve a balloon that floated to the ceiling. You'll have to ask Rick why he was sitting on the couch snapping pictures instead of helping. Actually more curious is why he was even taking a picture of this spectacle.

Now the entertainment! Yes, that is actually Polly Pocket playing the role of Hannah Montana in the finger puppet show. You always hear that celebrities are smaller in person, but I was surprised at how tiny she is. I can't remember how the dinosaur and lion figured into the plot, but the puppeteering skills were breathtaking. Sophia kept telling Katie to get down like she was ruining the show by everyone being able to see her head. I also snuck backstage to get a shot of the master finger-puppeteers.


Uncle Tim said...

Was that a balloon on the floor?!! For a half a split second at first glance I thought you were giving rousing encouragement to my niece to finish up the food in the doggie dish! I was a little upset in the midst of laughing hysterically. :-)

Sarah said...

Yes, she is lying on a balloon. I Think trying to bite it!

Ella actually did eat dog food at a friend's house! She was 1yr old and since we don't have pets I think she thought it was a snack bowl. I looked over and saw some gravy on the side of her mouth and realized she was chewing on dog food!