Monday, July 28, 2008

Sidley Picnic

We went to Rick's company picnic Saturday. It was a relatively successful outing. Everyone had fun. Loads of junk food was consumed by Sophia and Ella. Ceci and Katie were excited when they discovered that they had their FAVORITE toy there.

Dirty Water!

They were ecstatic to see this big vat of dirty water. Ceci tried to climb into it at one point. She had one leg over the edge when I heard the girl supervising the sand pit yelp and looked over to see her on her way in. Early in the summer we had a sand and water table in the backyard that Rick turned into a sand only table after the first hour of playing with it. Right away Ceci and Katie dumped the sand into the water and then poured buckets of muck all over themselves.
I think she stuck her chin in at one point and I missed it. Probably was thirsty and took a big gulp:

Here Ceci is happy to be covered in sandy water. We had to strip her down to her diaper for the ride home. Next year I'll remember to bring a change of clothes.

A couple more pictures from the afternoon:

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