Wednesday, July 2, 2008

After dinner fun

Rick had to work late Wednesday which usually means some sort of chaos during the witching hour of dinner, baths, bedtime when I'm flying solo.

Dinner went smoothly and as I was getting Katie and Ceci changed for bed Sophia and Ella asked to play in the backyard which was fine except I forgot to have them wait until the younger girls were upstairs. Once they saw their older sisters outside it was complete meltdown at the windows crying to go outside. So, we all went outside. Katie in a diaper, t-shirt and sandals and Ceci in her pjs. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering why I've got two one year olds outside looking like they did. Ceci was wearing footie pjs which aren't really appropriate for 80 degree weather. To top it off, they were on backwards. We started doing that when she learned how to take off her pjs and diaper at night. After finding her totally naked two mornings in a row we moved exclusively to footie pjs that we can flip around. I didn't edit Ella out of the picture because it captures the fact that at some point from 5-8pm someone is always crying. It rotates and I have no idea why Ella was upset at this moment.

At one point I looked over and Ceci was chewing on a half eaten piece of watermelon. I thought to myself "hmmm, we didn't have watermelon for dinner... WE DIDN'T HAVE WATERMELON FOR DINNER!" I ran over to grab a moldy watermelon rind out of her hands that looked like a family of squirrels (best case scenario) had been chewing on it since our BBQ Sunday night when we did serve watermelon.

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