Friday, June 20, 2008

Easter in June

Since I'm catching up I thought I'd post some Easter pictures.

Katie couldn't get enough of the Easter bunny at the Saddle. She was following him around like a groupie. Sophia kept saying "That Katie really does LOVE the Easter bunny!" I'm sure the sweaty Saddle employee who lost the coin flip which landed him inside the suit got a bit tired of her after the first thousand times she pulled his costume.

This was interesting because Katie wanted nothing to do with Santa:

Sophia kept looking at the gap in his costume at his wrists and tugging at it. She told me that she was pretty sure it was just a person in a costume since she saw he had a person's wrists.

Easter morning was a blur. Sophia and Ella were enjoying hunting for eggs when I realized that Ceci was eating the eggs like an apple shell and all. Katie was doing the same with the chocolate eggs eating the foil wrapper along with the chocolate. Made for some colorful diapers.

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