Monday, June 23, 2008


Katie and Ceci are talking a lot now. They are at that age when they learn new words every day.
Their first word was "Ella". Not in a sweet sisterly way though. More like a danger Will Robinson here comes "ELLLAAA!" They would warn each other then try to scramble to safety. For a while
Katie was walking and Ceci was doing the arms only military crawl so she was generally the one who needed to be saved from Ella trying to take off her clothes or change her diaper. The babies were like living dolls to her. As Ella was barrelling down on them I swear Ceci would give Katie a look that said "save yourself, there's nothing you can do to help me".
Now Katie is saying "Ceci" all the time. If she's awake before Ceci she keeps pointing upstairs saying "Ceci, Ceci, Ceci!" and her whole face lights up when Ceci appears. Ceci is less interested in Katie at this point, but Katie is all about her sister.

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