Monday, June 23, 2008


We are very proud to report that Sophia graduated from St. Joseph's Preschool. I'm pretty sure I never graduated from anything until I was a teenager, but at St. Joe's they have a ceremony green cardboard mortarboards and all. Sophia was very excited to show us around her classroom and get up on stage with her fellow graduates to receive her "Certificate of Completion". Sophia looks frightened in this photo, but she is actually focused on the treat table which I told her she could not run to until I took a picture. Thus the frozen smile and laser beam glare at the plate of oreos over my left shoulder.

I was most relieved at the end of the ceremony when none of the graduates fell head first while crossing the bridge on the stage and waving at their families simultaneously. You can't see it in the picture, but it was not a smooth ramp type bridge. It was a series of awkward steps that a seasoned circus performer would be challenged to navigate. I kept thinking that these kids had new slippery bottomed dress up shoes on and someone was going to bite it walking down the bridge. No one did however and graduation ended accident free.

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