Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pink Eye

Sophia was sitting on her bed changing into her nightgown when she lept off the bed with a terror stricken face. I asked what was wrong...did she see a spider or get poked by a stray polly pocket? She looked at me and said "I DEFINITELY don't want to get pink eye!" "Huh?" I eloquently replied. "Daddy told me that if I sit on my bed without underwear on I may accidently toot and then I could get pink eye." I assured her that this was not the case and it was ok to sit on her bed while changing her underwear. Later, while reading bedtime books she asked "Mom, is it ok if I toot at night under my sheets if I'm wearing underwear? I DEFINITELY don't want to get pink eye." I again assured her that there was no chance of getting pink eye.

As I was leaving her room that night she sleepily asked me "Mom, what's pink eye?" I told her not to worry, that it goes away and she will not get it from tooting in bed.

I went straight to the kitchen to ask Rick why he would tell her such a thing and he said he saw it in a movie and warned Sophia and Ella when he saw them sitting on their pillows changing pjs.


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Jennifer said...

Looks like you already have tales to tell the grandkids!--Jennifer