Friday, June 27, 2008

Ella turns THREE!!!

We celebrated Ella's third birthday last week complete with a princess cake and pinata. It was a beautiful day for a backyard BBQ. This was one of the new, safe pinatas where everyone pulls a ribbon and one opens the secret compartment full of chokable toys and candy. Not as exciting as three year olds swinging a large wooden stick while blindfolded surrounded by a bunch of toddlers. I did worry about Katie and Ceci who were combing the yard like hyenas picking at the scraps after the big kids were done. I fished an atomic fireball out of Ceci's mouth, but otherwise incident free.

Ella was happy to finally turn three since she thought she had turned three about five months ago. When we were at Legoland she wanted to drive the mini cars with Sophia but you had to be three. Rick told Ella to tell the person working the ride that she was three and for Sophia to do the same. Sophia was so excited to have permission to lie she was overdoing it a bit "My sister is DEFINITELY three years old! Right Ella, right Ella? You're THREE, right!?"

Watching Ella sit there with the wheel cranked all the way to the right I realized that there is a reason two year olds can't drive the cars. She spent most of the time stuck in the corner unable to turn her wheel to get out.

After the ride she ran up to me with a huge grin on her face which was surprising since it hadn't looked like she'd particularily enjoyed her limited progress. "Guess what Mommy? I'm THREE!!!" I told her that no, she was still two. She said "NO! Daddy told me. I'm THREE!!!" It took all afternoon to break it to her that she unfortunately was still two. She kept asking when she'd be three again.

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